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Nov 29 2023
Vulnerable Populations in a Warming World: Four Futures Explored
There is a clear path forward on the climate front that achieves rapid decarbonization combined with a swift scale-up in renewable energies. The strategy, laid out in this new Rockefeller Foundation analysis of data from 190 countries, can keep global warming to acceptable limits this century while sparking a revolution in energy access.

JULY 2023

Jul 21 2023
Zero Gap Fund: State of the Portfolio 2022
Four years ago, The Rockefeller Foundation set out to invest in bold and innovative financing products and solutions to catalyze new capital to help meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals …

JUNE 2023

MAY 2023

May 25 2023
Defining the Path to Zero Hunger in an Equitable World
Today’s global food and nutrition crisis is being driven by climate change, conflict, and soaring food prices. Decades of progress in the fight against hunger and malnutrition have been reversed, …

APRIL 2023



Jan 30 2023
Delivering Vaccines for Emerging Infectious Diseases
Equitably developed vaccines for emerging infectious diseases (EID) are an urgent global priority. At an EID vaccine summit organized by IAVI and sponsored by The Rockefeller Foundation, experts and stakeholders …