Reimagining what is possible to expand human opportunity and solve the world’s most urgent challenges

The State of Affairs

Innovations are needed to meet today’s pressing and persistent challenges. Our team drives innovation by connecting leaders, building artificial intelligence solutions, and pushing new frontiers to expand human opportunity.

By leveraging creative solutions and transformational partnerships, we propel a diverse portfolio of work to address climate change, human well-being, artificial intelligence for social good,  and access to benefits.

Why it matters


    of U.N. Sustainable Development Goal targets are directly benefited by digital technologies


    will be AI's contribution to the global economy by 2030


    in joint commitments to advance digital public infrastructure and data science for social benefit

  • Report

    17 Rooms: Rejuvenating the Sustainable Development Goals Through Shared Action

    Everyone agrees that we need more and faster progress across all the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We need fewer promises and more results. The 17 Rooms initiative takes non-traditional approaches to help people with ideas and ideals drive action, gather insights, and forge the bonds of community that drive longer-term gains. We are deeply committed to growing a new type of enterprise that democratizes the SDGs so that people everywhere can take them into their own hands.
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Our Strategy

  • 1Connecting Leaders: We proactively attract and support thought leaders, often at pivotal moments in their careers, to develop new breakthroughs in advancing solutions. Recognizing that innovation requires breaking out of silos, we are known for creating unlikely partnerships.
  • 2 Spurring Data-Driven Solutions: We leverage our research, analysis, funding, and partnering capabilities to ensure that the most advanced data science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning tools are deployed in ways that empower underserved communities, bridge knowledge gaps, prevent harm, and increase equity.
  • 3Breaking out of Silos: The Foundation’s Innovation team works at the crossroads of culture, conversation, and cutting-edge solutions — where true innovation happens. With team members working at every stage of the innovation pipeline, we know how to mobilize the people and resources necessary to move from breakthrough ideas to scaled initiatives.

Climate Data for Community Action

Watch the #RFBreakthrough: Climate Data for Community Action to hear experts from DataKind, Ecological Citizen’s Project & Initiative for Energy Justice discuss solutions using data to combat unequal access to energy, from grassroots to the policy level.

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