Innovative Finance

Channeling private capital for public good

The State of Affairs

In today’s world, we face complex challenges in climate resilience, health, food security, energy access, and equity. This drives us to pioneer impactful investments to innovate solutions.

Through pivotal investments, strategic partnerships, and leveraging our expertise, the Innovative Finance team catalyzes private capital at scale. This allows us to bridge funding gaps and address the world’s biggest challenges.

Our vision for 2030? To mobilize $10 billion for transformative financial solutions.


Why it matters


    annual financing gap for achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals


    of global economic loss alone due to climate change by 2050


    needed in public sector climate adaptation and resilience investment for developing countries

Our Strategy

  • 1Deploy Flexible Catalytic Capital: We are committed to shaping the next wave of financial solutions that deliver profitable investment models, alongside deep social impact. We leverage our experience in impact investing, our dedication to impact integrity and analysis, and the flexibility of our capital to scale new structures and approaches.
  • 2Mainstream Underinvested Segments of Climate Finance: The annual climate financing gap is estimated at $3.5 trillion, and timing is of the essence if we are to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. High market dynamism today means a growing pool of climate investment solutions, and the Foundation can be the catalyst to drive adoption. This is critical in underserved segments such as nature-based solutions and nascent decarbonization strategies.
  • 3Develop Climate Finance and Impact Investing Ecosystems: Achieving the world’s development goals will require partnerships across private and public sector and civil society. We will continue to use our knowledge and convening power to deepen the impact investing and climate finance ecosystems.