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Climate Wisdom from the Frontlines

From the Amazon rainforest, to bustling Bangkok streets, to a Baltimore composter creating “black gold," dive into this quarter's Matter of Impact focused on youth changemakers and impacted communities.

How can we forge a global movement that’s truly inclusive and comprehensive to fight for the future health of our planet? It starts by ensuring that youth changemakers and frontline communities have prominent seats at the table. 

Youth, often architects of innovation, bear the heaviest burden when it comes to the consequences of climate change. They are the future. Their engagement is not just desirable, but imperative.

Frontline communities possess valuable traditional and local knowledge about their environments that can inform climate solutions. They are not simply stakeholders; they are powerful advocates for their own futures. 

In this quarter’s Matter of Impact, we sharpen our focus on these critical voices, and tell the stories of grantees who are doing exactly that.

From a climate activist championing Indigenous rights in the Amazon rainforest to young U.S. conservatives forging alliances to fight climate change to a spoken word artist running a compost collective, we bring you stories of important changemakers. 

We invite you to join us in reading and sharing. Together, we can catalyze change and create a sustainable future for our planet.