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Achieving Lasting Impact

Every day, The Rockefeller Foundation, its grantees, and partners seek to measurably and sustainably make the world healthier, more nourished, and offer greater individual and community opportunities.

What that looks like varies.

Sometimes it’s warm school lunches scooped into plastic bowls to help disrupt generational poverty.

Or solar-powered freezers in remote shops to boost African business women’s incomes while fighting climate change.

Or an app that offers essential workers critical data so they can better support themselves and their families.

As an institution, we learn from each effort, seeking out diverse perspectives, developing a culture of inquiry, and making space for candid reflection and dialogue. And we return again and again to the vow: together, let’s make an impact.

In this quarter’s Matter of Impact online magazine, we dive into stories that illustrate this promise of lasting, meaningful change. We highlight the persistent work now underway and touch on long-term relationships that have helped remake the world. We also reflect on the results and lessons learned from our last three years of work in our first ever Impact Report.

What can you do to make an impact?

Celebrating those on the front lines is another way to impact the world, by example and inspiration. So please, join us in reading, and then sharing, these stories of #MakingOpportunityUniversal.

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